Life Keys Energy Village
Life Keys Energy Village
Beckie Evans

Welcome to Life Keys Energy Village

An invitation to explore the world in a deeper more meaningful way

Why You Should Join Me

This is an invitation to be part of something bigger. First and foremost this is a safe community of humans on various stages of their unique spiritual journey. This is a place of possibilities and earned wisdom. A space for exploring ideas with an open mind and not an "I am right, you are wrong" perspective.  Our main purpose here is connecting, encouraging, and empowering. 

Please take the drama back to facebook. 

In addition to community, this is the platform that will host Journey Within with Life Keys Energy.  Journey Within is a self discovery path with Beckie as a guide offering options while encouraging discoveries and discussions. Each month I will introduce a topic  for us to explore collectively and individually.  Public participation is not mandatory, but frequent participation in the group adds a depth of learning and experience  for us all, and is highly encouraged.  I will offer potential meanings, potential applications, and a few activities to interact with the concept.  You determine what feels comfortable for you. No pressure.  No right, no wrong, just curiosity.

Besides the amazing community and monthly concepts,  we will explore the phases of the moon and the seasonal turn of the wheel.

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